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Updated: Sep 7, 2022

This blog post is part of my series, Civic Citizens Series on Governance. It aims to help Grey Highlands residents learn how local government works.

This blog series includes the following posts:

This blog post explores consulting the public on an Agenda item (Report).


In the previous post I discussed what happens during the first Council meeting.

Below is a visual reminder of the process this blog series is exploring.

From Report to Resolution: The Council Table
From Report to Resolution: The Council Table

Going Public: Public Consultation

Oh, public consultation, you elusive beast.

Sometimes Council would like to hear from the public on an issue, for example, the budget or a revised Strategic Plan.

There are several modes of consultation, for example, meeting with the public either formally or informally or surveying electronically using a tool like Grey Highlands Connect. The information gathered during these activities are included in any future reports to Council on the subject.

Read my post on tips and tricks on staying informed of the municipality's activities.

In the next post, Therefore, be it Resolved: A Resolution I explore the step in this process where a Resolution comes forward at the Council meeting.

DISCLAIMER The staff at The Municipality of Grey Highlands are experts in their respective fields. If something here is different than staff's advice, always follow staff's direction. And, then please email me at with what I got wrong. 



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