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Updated: Aug 30, 2022

You get it, this is a blog: a blog about local government; specifically, about local government at Grey Highlands; where I am a local councillor, hoping to be the mayor this October 2022.

I am hoping to use this blog as a way to answer to some of the questions I have been asked by frustrated voters about working with local government in a small, rural town and; truthfully, I am going to answer some I wish constituents asked! ;-)

Additionally, I am hoping this blog will not only be useful for Grey Highlands' residents, but also for anyone who wants to learn more about municipal government. Even if you live elsewhere the general rules apply, but the details might vary, for example, you may be given more or less time to speak on an item during Open Forum at a Council Meeting.

So, if you don't live in Grey Highlands, Ontario but you are interested in learning more about local government (especially engaging in it!) AND you can deal with a higher than average number of Schitt's Creek GIFs, please stay tuned and follow me here.

Up First, a Civic Series

I imagine this blog will be planned posts with more organic post mixed in. I have planned to write several series on local government, but my first series is called Civic Citizen Series: Communication. It includes posts on Social Media, The Grey Highlands App, The Grey Highlands Website, and Community Calendar.

As well as, avenues to speak to Council and/or Grey Highlands' staff. It includes posts on Connect Grey Highlands (Staff), Complaints Form (Staff), Service Requests Form (Staff), Delegation (Council), and Open Forum (Council).

Honestly, you are not going to learn anything profound, but you will have a better understanding of what communication resources are available to you!

My second blog series is on governance, and explores by-laws, roles, the Agenda, and much more. This series gets more into the nitty, gritty of how the municipality works. In fact, there is post called just that, The Inner Workings: How a Small Municipality Works!


And, finally, keep in mind I am not the expert. Please, please when communicating with your municipality, refer to the most recent documents, and always remember the people who hold degrees in this stuff, like the Municipal Clerk. and the experts that work for the municipality: municipal employees are the real experts.

DID YOU KNOW? That Grey Highlands is officially named The Corporation of The Municipality of Grey Highlands, but most Grey Highlands peeps just say Grey Highlands, and, for the purposes of this blog, I often shorten it further to just GH.

Enjoy! And, please reach out with comments or questions,


DISCLAIMER The staff at The Municipality of Grey Highlands are experts in their respective fields. If something here is different than staff's advice, always follow staff's direction. And, then please email me at with what I got wrong.



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