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Updated: Oct 19, 2022

This blog post is part of my series, Vote Valiquette.

This blog series includes the following posts:

This post explores how as the mayor of Grey Highlands I intend to support Grey Highlands' strong, rural roots.


You might recall from the post, Why I Want to be Mayor, the following:

The pandemic has shifted the landscape of our municipality, but I think we can be strengthened by, rather than wounded by, our common experiences. Grey Highlands needs resilient and capable leadership to navigate both the urban-out migration (from the 416 and 905), as well as the over-tourism affecting our area. This includes the traffic speed increases in our community.

I am running because Grey Highlands is changing, and we need forward thinking leadership that reflects where Grey Highlands is headed. Let’s build a community that is shaped by our strong rural, farming roots.

As the Mayor of Grey Highlands, I will:

  • Continue to support land planning decisions that protect agricultural land.

  • Support farmers.

  • Support traffic calming measures across the entire municipality.



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