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Updated: Oct 7, 2022

This blog post is part of my series, Vote Valiquette.

This blog series includes the following posts:

This post explores how as the mayor of Grey Highlands I intend to make government more collaborative and transparent.


You might recall from the post, Why I Want to be Mayor, the following:

It’s time that Grey Highlands had leadership that is about people, not politics. As you mayor, I am committed to open communication. I believe in working collaboratively, and not seeing the world as either winners or losers because divisive politics are a barrier to real solutions that improve people’s lives. Politician shouldn’t be a dirty word; politicians can do better, so much better, and as your mayor I will strive to make “politician” evoke a positive image: an image of integrity and transparency.

I am running because I am committed to a collaborative government that works transparently with staff and the community.

As the Mayor of Grey Highlands there are several things I will:

  • Meet with the Deputy Mayor regularly.

  • Meet with Members at least quarterly.

  • Encourage strong liaison relationships between Staff and Council.

  • Encourage Council Members to Chair Committee of the Whole (COW) for which they are the liaison, as per The Procedural By-Law

  • Encourage committee assignments that are based on talents, skills and preferences, not politics.

  • Encourage inclusive language. As you mayor, there is no need to call me "your worship". I will encourage Council to call all staff by their titles followed by their last name in formal settings to encourage inclusive language. Language matters.

  • Efficiently run meetings. If meetings were chaired efficiently there would be more time for constituents to speak at Open Forum. (This would mean a change to the Procedural By Law that would require the majority of Council to approve.)


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