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This blog looks at the highlights of the Council Meeting on October 5, 2022, 2022. What an exciting Agenda for our last meeting with lots of hot topics!

Today's Council Council Meeting was full of hot topics:

There were several Notice of Motions (NOM) including:

  • Councillor Allwood to include curbside pickup of waste and recycling materials for commercial businesses in Grey Highlands Settlement Areas and throughout the Municipality.

  • Mayor McQueen to create a Road Safety Committee to investigate further solutions to making Grey Highlands safer.

  • Mayor McQueen to create a committee for each of the facilities, which includes of Osprey-arena/community centre, Flesherton-arena/kinplex, Eurphasia-arena/Rocklyn community Centre, and Markdale-arena/community Centre.

  • Mayor McQueen to amend the by-law to control and license dogs and kennels to allow for up to an additional 7 Stays (fosters) dogs on top of the previously allowable number of dogs

To watch the Council Meeting live, go to


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