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COUNCIL HIGHLIGHTS: September 21, 2022

This blog looks at the highlights of the Council Meeting on September 21, 2022.

Yesterday, was this Council's second to last Council Meeting, and there were several highlights.

  • A delegation from Food Cycle Science which is an indoor food composter. I put forward a resolution for Staff to bring forward a report on a pilot project with Food Cycle during the 2023 budget. This means that the next Council will determine as part of ther first budget if Grey Highlands moves forward with a pilot.

  • Council recieved a report on an Intersection Safety Review of Road 63 at 10th Concession and 8th Concession B. I moved that Staff implement all of the low cost recomendations immediatly. This will include:

    • Road 63: posted speed signs, oversize hidden intersection warning sign, oversize intersection warning sign and vegetation maintenance. 

    • 10th Concession: special oversized stop sign, posted speed signs, flashing beacon on stop signs and vegetation maintenance. 

    • 8th Concession B: special oversized stop sign, posted speed signs, oversize stop ahead warning signs, flashing beacon on stop signs and vegetation maintenance

  • Additionaly, I moved the following resolution that passed unanimously:

Whereas Grey Highlands has anecdotally seen an increase in visitors and vehicular traffic to Grey Highlands over the last twenty-four months as more Ontario residents travel within the Province instead of elsewhere; and

Whereas the UN General Assembly Resolution 74/299 declared a Decade of Action for Road Safety 2021-2030 and recommends implementing behavioural changes including enforcement and education; and

Whereas Grey Highlands’ Staff is currently working on a Safety Plan that includes options for traffic calming measures; and

Whereas Grey Highlands contracts the services of the Ontario Provincial Police (OPP); now

Therefore, be it resolved that Grey Highlands Staff prepare a Staff Report as part of the 2023 budget process to evaluate the possibility of increased enforcement options that might include a dedicated Grey Highlands Community Safety Officer.

To watch Council Meeting live, go to



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