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This blog series explores some of the questions I have been asked by Grey Highlands' constituents. This post reviews the questions asked of all candidates at the Eugenia All Candidates Meeting on Oct 1, 2022.

The following posts originated from questions from the Eugenia All Candidates Debate. The following are the question topics:

Diversified Farm Use

Farms are being converted to small manufacturing hubs with large barns being built to accommodate these businesses. Increased heavy truck traffic will impact local safety and cause significant road wear/damage that will fall on area taxpayers.

What is your position on OP04.2022, the application for an Official Plan amendment to amend the definition of small scale on farm diversified uses (OFDU’s) by increasing the permitted size of such uses from 250 sq m to 750 sq m and reducing the minimum lot size from 20 hectares to 10 hectares?

Truthfully? I do not know, but I can tell you what I am currently thinking:

  • I strongly feel that we need more public consultation on this Official Plan change.

  • I think we should explore permitting C4s or on-farm diversification locations, in a way similar to how Grey Highlands regulates the number of Short Term Accommodations (STA) in an area.

  • Just because 750 sq m is asked for does not mean we need to grant that exact amount. It could be smaller.

  • Just because the proponent is asking to reduce the minimum lot size from 20 hectares to 10 hectares does not mean we need to grant that exact amount. Admittedly, I am feeling like 20 hectares, which is just shy of 50 acres might be the right size.

  • But, in summary, I want to hear more voices.


See all the questions I have been asked throughout the 2022 Campaign!


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