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Updated: Sep 28, 2022

This blog post is part of my series on the 2022 Municipal Election called Questions from Constituents. In it I will answer questions from constituents and post them here, so that everyone can understand where I sit on a variety of issues.

These questions came from a long time cottage owner on Lake Eugenia who has concerns about the current and future health of Lake Eugenia.

It was recommend I check out, which I did.

These following are the questions:

Would you support the restriction of all lawn enhancing fertilizers and pesticides for all properties on Lake Eugenia? Yes/No and Why?

Yes, I did some research into by-laws regulating the restrictions of fertilizers and pesticides, in particular, Greater Sudbury's by-laws intended to help protect the health of their many lakes. I would support a resolution to have Staff authour a report on options for a by-law on regulating the restrictions of fertilizers and pesticides on waterfront properties.

Additionally, I look forward to the Scoped Lake Eugenia Management study by Hutchinson Environmental Services Ltd. I imagine this study will provide the quantitative evidence to justify the regulation.


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