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Updated: Sep 28, 2022

This blog post is part of my series on the 2022 Municipal Election called Questions from Constituents. In it I will answer questions from constituents and post them here, so that everyone can understand where I sit on a variety of issues.

1. If the government came up with another virus/climate change/etc reason to authorize (or allow unelected medical officials to authorize) another lockdown, which has been proven to hurt more people and increase deaths overall including hurting/ending small businesses….would you speak out against lockdown and what would you do to help ensure small businesses, that are deemed “non-essential”, survive?

I will always listen to experts in their fields, and it is difficult to predict the future; however, I can tell you what my actions have been: I did not vote for mandatory vaccination for Grey Highlands Staff.

Additionally, I spoke out against the Provincial government for allowing Walmart to stay open but shuttered small, local businesses.

2. If there was another flu/COVID/virus/sickness season as is to be expected every fall/winter, possibly with more complications due to an immune suppressing experimental gene therapy/vaccine that was highly recommended/forced upon many and there’s no end to boosters, will you speak in favour or stand up for non-discriminatory policies and freedom to choose when it comes to medical choices, including but not limited to, masking and vaccination and against policies that are in opposition to this?

These links here contain a lot of data and mounting evidence of serious harm the last 2 years worth of mandates have brought if you have time to look over to understand where many from our area are coming from:

The following documents were included:

I believe that everyone should be vaccinated, but I stop short of mandating you to.


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